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Yes, with SkillPatron you can either order a rich blend of relevant, random generic comments, emojis, thematic, or customized Youtube comments. All you need to do is chat us up on WhatsApp: +1 650-471-9987 and you will be asked to send in your list of customized and relevant comments. Once we have this list these comments will be delivered for your video on your YouTube channel.

Use SocialGlamUp’s YouTube Marketing Services to drive real YouTube comments from Nigerians to your Videos. First thing we do is submit your video to our blog networks and partners. This will build momentum in your video being on the front page of music blogs. We then utilize sponsored Ads and social media giveaways to complete your video marketing campaign.


Our Youtube marketing services will drive real relevant YouTube comments to your videos through social media marketing, music blog promotion, and email marketing. We understand how important brand awareness is and we love to help our clients get their content out there.

Youtube is one of the foremost popular sites when it involves social media. aside from being a social app, it also is a source of income for several. Things just like the number of subscribers you’ve got, views, likes, and comments on your channel contribute to creating your channel success. Tons of individuals buy youtube comments for various reasons, the foremost popular being to drive traffic to their channel and doubtless generate more income for themselves. If you’re new to youtube or maybe an oldie who wants to understand what it entails to shop for youtube comments, then this is often the simplest guide for you. Youtube has a wide range of users who use the platform for different reasons. Apart from the obvious reasons for personal entertainment, youtube is also a great site for learning new things or teaching other people new things, if you so desire.

A particular video on a channel is more likely to attract more viewers and subscribers if it has more comments. Some users have confessed to going straight to check the number and type of comments left on a video before they even proceed to watch the video. As such, the importance of having a lot of comments on your videos on youtube, cannot be over-emphasized. While you can wait, watch and pray for your videos to get lots of reactions and comments, leading to your channel’s growth, you can speed up this process when you buy youtube comments.

Benefits of shopping for youtube comments

Most people that buy youtube comments do so due to certain benefits attached thereto. These benefits include;​

  • Getting a better ranking from youtube, more engagements, and interactions from your subscribers. ​
  • Also, for those that use their youtube channel for business, once they buy youtube comments, it exposes their channel to a bigger audience. ​
  • Another thing you stand to realize once you buy youtube comments is that it makes your channel seem more interesting and interactive.​
  • Your channel would probably gain more subscribers and encourage more people with real channels to go away with comments too.
  • You also get to regulate the sort of comments you’ve got on your channel, once you buy youtube comments.
  • The program ranking of your videos is increased once you buy youtube comments. This just means youtube is presumably to suggest your channel to more people, more often.
  • Apart from gaining more subscribers when you buy youtube comments, you can also gain more customers for your business.

 How to buy youtube comments

Buying YouTube comments from us is as easy as placing an order for a commodity on any online site for shopping. You just need to select a package that suits you, enter your youtube channel name, add to cart, checkout, then proceed to the payment page and pay. We provide you with the choice to either buy generic youtube comments or custom your comments. After selecting the package you want, and paying for it, the comments get delivered to you within hours or few days, depending on your package.


Is it expensive to buy youtube comments?

The amount you spend to buy youtube comments depends on certain things which include;

  • the number of comments you want to buy
  • the type of comments you prefer i.e generic or random comments
  • how you want the comments delivered i.e at once or spread out across different videos.

We offer different packages, priced differently and with different options contained in the packages.

Can I buy a specific type of comment?

The answer to this question is YES! You can choose the comments you want to see on your channel. You can also decide to buy random comments instead of custom ones. Whichever type of comments you decide to buy, totally depends on your preference and why you need these comments on your channel.

Who can purchase Youtube comments?

Anybody with a functional/ active youtube channel can purchase youtube comments if they so desire. The sole things necessary for you to shop for youtube comments is to possess published videos on your channel, know the sites you’ll buy youtube comments from,  and have money or bitcoin to pay.

Should I buy random or custom Youtube comments?

Every content creator’s dream on youtube is to experience exponential growth on their channel, to possess their content reach a bigger audience, and gain more income while at it. While buying youtube comments makes your channel look successful, it doesn’t guarantee you a rise within the revenue generated from youtube on your channel. The youtube algorithm can identify fishy comments on a channel, especially if there is a disparity between the number of subscribers, views, and comments. If you opt to shop for youtube comments, it’s more advisable to shop for custom comments rather than generic/ random comments. once you buy custom youtube comments, it maintains the authenticity of your channel and reduces the probabilities of getting your channel flagged by the youtube algorithm. Before you proceed to buy youtube comments, make sure you buy from a legit site that offers the option of custom comments.

Why do people buy Youtube comments?

Lots of people buy youtube comments for various reasons. Some of them buy comments on their youtube channel because they like the attention that comes with having lots of engagements. People also buy youtube comments because they feel like other viewers or subscribers would be more likely to leave comments on videos that have been commented on previously. It will also help improve Your Video’s Search Engine Rankings and encourage others to watch your videos.

Why buy YouTube comments from SkillPatron?

  • Huge discounts up to 25% when you order multiple services.
  • We deliver YouTube comments from real YouTube subscribers.
  • YouTube comments are delivered instantly after you post.
  • Best value for Instagram YouTube comments on the market.
  • Enough & secure payments options to buy YouTube comments
  • Only your YouTube username is needed, not your password
  • You will receive the amount of YouTube comments you purchased for each post posted during 1/3/6 months.

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Buy YouTube Comments (Customized)
Buy YouTube Comments (Customized)
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