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Grow your Twitter account with followers, likes & retweets from Nigerians.

Grow Your Twitter Account with followers, likes, & retweets from Nigerians. SkillPatron’s Twitter growth & social automation services is the leading tool used by marketers, influencers, pro’s, beginners, and agencies alike. We garner Nigerian followers, likes and retweets by organizing silent giveaways and sponsored ads to our vibrant active community of real Nigerian (local & the diaspora) who love Twitter, and we provide highly targeted results too!

Buying Real & Active Nigerian Twitter Followers, Retweets & Likes.

It can never be overemphasized that social media is one of the leading marketing and advertising channels today. As we all know, it is where millions, if not billions of people, unite for a plethora of reasons.

Microblogging sites such as twitter are vital when it comes down to tools needed for marketing. And, when this platform is used strategically, your products, events, and social functions will gain vast exposure. 

It will become possible for you to attract and reach a larger audience. As it stands, Twitter is among the leading social media channels in our world today. Every Twitter account out there has followers. 

Bear in mind that the followers are the most vital assets of every Twitter account holder. Twitter followers can be likened to the backbone of the human body. And, there are two ways to earn these followers. 

You can earn followers on twitter by:

  •   Earning them through your repeated presence on twitter as well as hard work, and;
  •   Buying twitter followers

Buying twitter followers is quite easy—this way of earning followers is common around the globe. However, our focus is streamlined to buying Nigerian twitter followers. 

When buying Nigerian twitter followers, all you need to do is to pay a certain amount of cash. You can purchase twitter followers from When you pay to, you will get the desired number you seek. 

Note that, we have diverse service organizations that offer users with an edge to stand out over their competition

These service organizations come in diverse types and offer various services. As it stands, is one of such service organizations. At, you will be offered packages such as:

  •   Active accounts
  •   Fan following from Facebook pages

To gain popularity on twitter, you can embark on purchasing followers. It is the most affordable and most straightforward way to attain prominence. Also, it barely requires any hard work. 

However, it is advisable to note that some companies do provide fake followers. This is why you must carry out your research on a company before you make your significant purchase. 

Nevertheless, you can always count on our company to provide you with not just real but organic followers. So many times, people have been given fake followers. This is why people keep asking questions about where to buy Nigerian twitter followers. 

More so, you do not need to ask such a question anymore as you have arrived at the ideal source. 


Pros And Cons Of Buying Followers

On a general note, there are so many advantages attached to buying Nigerian twitter followers. Asides from being famous on the platform, your account will receive more than enough boost. 

With lots of followers, so many people can directly asses your business or your brand. This means that your products will be promoted with ease. However, we must admit that every good thing has its disadvantages lurking around the corner. 

The pros and cons of buying Nigerian twitter followers include:

  •   Pros Of Buying Twitter Followers

Although the whole issue of buying followers on twitter has been categorized as a controversial topic, it is, however, far away from being black and white. 

There is an advantage of going through with this mission. For a fact, it is the swiftest means of starting your journey on twitter. 

Rather than beginning from ground zero to quite a few followers, you can start your twitter launching with followers counting into thousands. However, it will interest you to note that this will strengthen your credibility on social media 

When you have a large following on your twitter account, it tends to act as some sort of social proof. What we mean by this is that newbies on twitter will take you much more seriously.

With them taking you seriously, it means that they will interact with you online and even follow you up to the point when they begin purchasing from your brand. Also, when you buy followers, your various marketing campaigns will be noticeable. 

Understand that, with a large follower base on Twitter, all your marketing campaigns will be useful. Your campaigns will have a wave effect, which will aid in casting less doubt on your products and business. 

Lest we forget, social proof can help you increase your twitter conversion up to a percentage of one thousand four hundred. Buying followers will have you introducing your followers to whichever website you own

From here, you can begin showing others just how much people love your brand. It is worthy to note that, when you have hundreds or thousands of followers, Twitter users are likely to perceive you as a brand or person worth following. 

The followers you purchase will help you in attracting more appointments and twitter impressions. Your large follower base will assist in making your tweets reach a more vast audience. However, your tweets must not be insulting or demeaning.

It does not matter if you are an artist, a small agency, or an expert in your field; your follower base has the power to affect how the decision-makers will perceive you. These decision-makers are:

  1.   The customers
  2.   The fans
  3.   Record labels, and even;
  4.   Agents

With a huge followers base, your business will get an edge on the negotiations it deserves. 

  •   Cons Of Buying Twitter Followers

Like we stated earlier, every good thing in life has its disadvantages. You should understand that some companies would rather make use of geo-targeting options. When they do this, your follower base will not be able to cause more clicks or leads for you. 

Furthermore, when you purchase followers from cheap vendors, they will provide you with fake followers. However, you will lose these followers in the long run because twitter will eliminate them. 

Nevertheless, some companies will provide guarantees or warranties of replacement. Another thing is keeping your purchase a secret. When you purchase followers, it is seen as a shortcut and not hard work. 

For this reason, you must keep your purchase to yourself. Time and again, it is vital to mention that there are low-quality Twitter providers ready to pounce on an unsuspecting victim. 

When these low-quality twitter providers give you low-quality followers, it will damage the reputation you have managed so hard to build. It will also kill all the benefits that you could ever receive. 

A Twitter followers service provider you can trust is none other than

How Buying Twitter Followers Works

Generally, there is no easy answer to knowing how buying twitter followers works. This is because various companies make use of diverse methods to get followers. However, some of the common techniques include:

  •   Following First

This is the original technique used in gaining followers. Here, you will simply have to follow lots of people and simply give that they follow back. However, you should stop following the ones who do not follow back and keep on repeating this process. 

Also, it entails sharing your password with the company that will provide the followers for you. 

  •   The robot Followers

This technique is used by some companies to deliver fake followers. What they do is that they make use of software to build and manage a vast network of followers. They simply order these robots to follow you. 

  •   The reward Followers

Some companies make use of this technique to deliver real and authentic followers. These companies simply operate a platform that rewards users on twitter with gift cards, cash, etc. for a follow back. 

  •   Twitter Ads

This is the ultimate technique of buying followers on twitter. And, you will be purchasing the followers directly from twitter itself. Twitter does this through its promoted accounts ad program. 

What twitter does is that it will promote your account to your targeted followers. Then, they get to charge you for the followers you earn. 

The Issue Of High And Low-Quality Followers

If there is anything we have been trying to let you know in the world of buying  Nigerian twitter followers, it is that every follower differs. When you want to embark on this journey, ensure that you are buying real or what we term high-quality followers  

Furthermore, you should steer clear from those companies that sell these fake or low-quality twitter followers. In simpler terms, we will give you a break down of how to spot high-quality followers from those that are of low quality

To know the high-quality followers which you will find synonymous with the type of followers we offer, it entails:

  •   They make use of highly exclusive display pictures
  •   They have exclusive header images along with the profile photos
  •   Their bio is usually unique
  •     High-quality followers tweet frequently
  •   They engage in retweeting and liking tweets made by others
  •   They have their followers
  •   High-quality Nigerian twitter followers have a shallow risk of getting suspended

As for the low-quality followers which some of these twitter providers offer, you can spot them through:

  •   They have no display picture by default
  •   They make use of a sturdy color instead of a real header image
  •   Low-quality Nigerian  twitter followers make use of biographies that are either written poorly or do not exist
  •   They do not engage in retweeting or liking tweets. They barely post anything
  •   The low-quality followers are anti-social as they have no followers but follow lots of Twitter users 
  •   There is every possibility that they will not follow you
  •   These type of followers have a high risk of getting suspended.

With these few points, it is evident that real and fake followers tend to affect your profile appearance. Not only your profile appearance, but they can also create a dent on your reputation. 

Another thing to note is that the companies that engage in selling low-quality twitter followers usually send porn followers to unsuspecting victims. Nevertheless, everyone understands just how difficult it is to gain real twitter followers

Discovering promotion on twitter is not an easy feat. However, it is easy lately. This is because is the only company that is selling real Nigerian twitter followers professionally on a huge scale. 

Who would not want to be prominent on one of the largest microblogging sites? You should visit our website to get any amount of followers you want. 

With the followers we will provide for you, you will be capable of advertising your products to interested Nigerians. To enjoy this service, you can easily choose the package that is most suitable for you. 

How Buying Twitter Followers From SkillPatron Works

It should not come off as a shock to you that people buy followers on twitter. People buy followers on every social media platform in existence. 

Nevertheless, buying followers from SkillPatron involve:

  •   Go to our website 
  •   Select the number of followers you want. We offer from a few hundred to thousands. 
  •   Though it will take between some hours and a few days, you will begin getting your followers before you know it. 

Note that it is not free. You will have to pay a certain amount of money, and it depends on the number of followers you are purchasing. With SkillPatron be rest assured of gaining real followers. 

While most companies will rather tow the path of providing you with fake followers because it is simpler, cheaper, and quicker, SkillPatron has no business in such. All of our followers are one hundred percent real and organic. 

Some of the reasons why you should buy Nigerian twitter followers from us include:

  •   You will be able to gain some more followers swiftly
  •   Your social proof will grow
  •   There will be an improvement in your self-image as well as that of your brand
  •   More organic followers will be attracted to your profile
  •   You will have a highly enhanced reputation and credibility on Twitter 

Remember that buying followers is a legit business and does not involve a scam. The only people who scam are those engaged in selling fake low-quality followers to you. 

Final Thoughts 

Buying Nigerian Twitter Followers, Retweets & Likes from is one hundred percent safe. You will get real and organic followers who will contribute to your account. You are more than welcome to skim through our website and carry out your significant purchase. 


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