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Looking to buy real and active Instagram followers from South Africa? Guess what? You’re in the right place. SocialGlamUp is the best digital marketing and social media assistance to grow your South African fanbase and this is because we offer engaging South African-based Instagram users who would follow your profile and make it look legit, thus boosting your brand. Call us at +2348039922340 and let’s do all the hard work for you while you hustle!


  1. Reach people within the Republic of South Africa
  2. Having an Instagram profile people will admire.
  3. South African people will start following you more quickly.
  4. Your Instagram profile will look professional.


  1. We deliver real South African Instagram followers.
  2. Up to 1K South African followers can be delivered every 24 hours.
  3. Best value for money on the market.
  4. We accept Paypal payments for your safety and refunds
  5. We only need to know your Instagram username, not your password.
  6. We always deliver more than you ordered.
  7. Get now 15% discount on all orders above $100


  • Do ensure your Instagram profile is NOT on private mode. Otherwise, we won’t be able to deliver any South African followers to your profile.
  • Your Instagram profile has to be open to the public until we have delivered all the South African followers you ordered.


Instagram has over 500 million active users daily coming from 200 million just a few months ago. It is one of the largest and fastest growing social platforms in the world right after Facebook. It is also a very engaged platform with about a third of those users checking it several times a day and spending at least 20 to 60 minutes on it. Stories, which is a feature on the app, has been a game-changer. With over 250 million Stories users, over 50% of brands were using Stories within a month. It is therefore safe to say everyone is on it! Of these users, 80% of them are following businesses on Instagram and this is indeed great news for brands.

Instagram has become one of the largest and fastest-growing social media platforms on the planet with endless opportunities to build your brand, develop relationships with consumers, attain exposure and ultimately make sales. With this, most business owners grab the opportunity to help their business to be recognized in their industry and create their own accounts to promote their business.

To start an Insta-brand goes beyond having a well-set-up Instagram account. You need South African followers to hang with the big brands. This will help attract and engage real South African Instagram followers including from the African diaspora and other continents which will in turn help convert a lot of sales and retain more customers for your brand.

Are you looking to popularize your brand and expand your Insta-business in South Africa, then you’re in the right place. Here at SocialGlamUp, we offer 100% legal services to get real South African Instagram followers, giving your brand that initial push to bring it to everyone’s feed. Most people will tend to follow your brand if you already have a lot of followers. So, having a huge audience base gives off a sense of authenticity as well as security and helps build trust. If you’re looking to buy south African Instagram followers, we can help you with real followers that will truly engage with your brand. In the long run, it’s all about growing organically in a safe, secure, and legal environment.

It is a well-known fact that any celebrity whether you’re a comedian or an actor, a musician, a model, or a socialite, without an Instagram presence, is one who will probably struggle to find their way. In today’s social media space There is so much competition in today’s social media space and also in this cutthroat industry that one needs to find a way to maximize opportunities and find their unique selling proposition or what will make you stand out from the crowd and in this case, your colleagues in the industry. You can become a social media celebrity today and become the envy of your friends with your massive social media following. Why don’t you give your business the growth it deserves and wow your friends with your popularity. Studies have shown that your new customers are 70% more likely to trust your brand and services if you have a good social media following compared to those who have not! This is the main reason why many social media celebs and public figures choose Instagram Followers, Instagram Likes, and other social media services that we offer.

When you buy Our South African Instagram followers, we are dedicated to getting more followers and more views of your Instagram profile than ever before. We have over 1 million real and active accounts waiting to make you an Instagram star. With a large number of followers on your Instagram account, there’s a higher chance that more people will choose to follow you. Your profile becomes more attractive to other people and will attract them to your account. These are people who will be able to learn more about your brand or company as well as the products or services to be offered. In essence, they are going to have more information about you and this will allow you to gain followers and in turn, more brand exposure. You will grow your account with the purchase of South African followers, and this will in turn allow you to make profits by different means. So, if you are a start-up or an enterprise but not so known, purchasing followers can help you compete equally with your main rivals and thus reduce distances from your opposition and even work to surpass them.

Is it Secure and Legal?
SocialGlamUp is a legally registered company and has been successfully operating since 2018. With our years of experience, we fully understand the importance of your account’s integrity and the protection of your profile and so render our services safely, legally, and securely. We do not sell or share your personal data with third parties because we value your privacy and provide secure payment options to protect you at all times. You can use our 24/7 customer service so you can clear your concerns and purchase real South African Instagram followers.

To ensure this is legal, we comply with and abide by Instagram policies right away to help boost your business and also protect you. All of our customers have enjoyed success without facing any bans due to fake followers. We handpick followers for you genuine followers who are really like you because we understand that quality followers mean organic growth for our customers and we also ensure your safety. You have no reason at all to think this isn’t legit!

You can be sure of the following when you purchase our South African Instagram followers;

Super Quality Services– We offer active and super quality services for all of our packages and have the resources and knowledge when it comes to market share and reputation

Immediate Delivery – If you’re sick of waiting for days to get your fans, then you’ll be happy to choose us. Your order starts processing within an hour.

No Password Required – The username or URL to your social media profile is all we need from your end. You’re not required to give us any sensitive information, such as passwords.

Start Right Away – The process is streamlined in such a way that you can get new followers at the earliest opportunity. All we need is your Instagram username. Just within moments of your order, you will begin to see the growth of organic followers.

24/7 Customer Support – Our 24/7 customer support team is always ready to tend to your issues and no customer is left without help with their new services.

Refund Policy – We take customer satisfaction as our top priority and that is why there is a policy of refunds. If you have a real reason, you can contact us to claim your refund

At SocialGlamUp, we select quality South African followers to help improve your follower count, increase engagement, and overall popularity. Is an instant process when you purchase South African Instagram followers and also out topnotch customer service to keep your operations running smooth. With our affordable packages, we help you legally improve your social media influence. We also cater to any sized Instagram business and have helped 1000s of brands since 2018.  We analyse the followers we provide based on metrics proven to improve businesses. Having successfully worked with over 5,000 customers without any complaints, we assure you minimal risk and a safe and secure process.

So, why don’t you take a step back and let us do the hard work while you hustle? You make the brand, let us bring the followers to you!

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Buy South African Instagram Followers
Buy South African Instagram Followers
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