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SocialGlamUp is a leading Social Media Marketing Solution for business and personal YouTube channels. We believe in helping our clients get more subscribers, views, likes, and comments to increase their impact online. The major factor in building a loyal and active following on YouTube is by promoting engagement and conversation. A lot of comments signify that your content is worth watching and even expresses your opinion, something that easily raises interest and sparks trust in potential subscribers.


YouTube Commenting is an amazing strategy that can be used by individuals or businesses to spur engagement from their audience members in a peculiar and significant way. Actually, more than 60% of businesses have YouTube channels, and this number continues to grow daily. Part of the reasons YouTube is so valuable to organisations, is the number of active users on the platform. Over 1.6 billion people are active on YouTube each month and over 30 million people use YouTube every single day. With so many individuals actively posting, liking, and commenting on videos, it is no surprise why businesses are choosing to position their brand on this platform. So many factors go into what makes a video popular, from likes to views, shares and number of comments. Many businesses and organisations are electing to buy YouTube comments for their videos, hence significantly increasing their social presence in the process.

Comments are a great way of gaining users attention, fast. Just by seeing a video has a high number of engagement such as comments, users can sense a greater trust for your channel and are more likely to turn into subscribers. Because comments are a quick way to get information about a video and what popularity status it has, a lot potential viewers turn to the comment section before even watching the video. Comments are the sure sign that your video is genuine and has authority. Any video is pointless without comments, likes and shares, therefore you might want to kickstart your channel by purchasing some comments for your content, hence encouraging your viewers to actually comment and engage with your video content.

That being said, the key advantage of purchasing youtube comments include:

Authenticate purchased views – Did you purchased likes and views? Does your video have a lot of views but no comments, this might make your views and content look fake resulting in fewer views and a bad ranking. Normally when you have a lot of views you are supposed to have some comments and engagements, having many views but no comments will raise suspicion in your real viewers and end up reducing your trustworthiness on YouTube. Buying some comments will make your view-to-comment ratio go up and make the viewings look legit as well as make your bought views look organic.

Better engagements – When you buy comments, new viewers visiting your channel and watching your videos will assume that your content is getting a lot of comments. In the end, this makes the organic viewers feel more comfortable to post a comment themselves. Some might even reply to the comments already present by agreeing or disagreeing, in that way starting a conversation in your comment section. People are usually more active on any form of social media than they are on any other platform of communication. This benefits you in getting a lot of useful information about your product or service and also improve them according to the needs of your customers. Comments give you a glimpse into what people are thinking and saying about your business and that knowledge is helpful for any business that wants to cater to their customers needs and thus increase the total amount of customers that they have. By increasing your engagement, you also increase your ranking on YouTube.

Saves time and energy – Growing and maintaining a significant social media presence on any platform takes time and energy. There is no “average” amount of time associated with growing a strong channel following, but a normal to fast-paced timeline is anywhere from six months to two years. The amount of effort you put into your YouTube channel over the course of two years would be quite significant and that energy could be better spent on other business initiatives. By buying YouTube comments, you are positioning your channel on the fast track to gaining a significant following, and hopefully converting those followers to customers for your business.

Gives your content a boost – Over 400,000 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube each day. This means that it is extremely difficult for your videos to get noticed unless they have a lot of engagement. By purchasing comments for your videos, you are buying an advantage over other videos that contain similar subject matter. Different types of organisations choose to obtain YouTube comments for their videos including restaurants, beauty salons, models, celebrities amongst others. If you wish to get ahead, taking steps to purchase comments for your videos will help to maintain that competitive edge within your industry.

Reduce the negative effect of bad comments – When you post content, there’s bound to be some bad comments and dislikes, having too many bad comments might affect your channel and reduce your rankings. If a person who is checking out your business’s videos sees a lot of negative comments, they may judge your products as inferior and will choose not to buy them. However, If you buy YouTube comments, you get the chance to change the message surrounding your content.

Increases Business Profits – At the end of the day, profit making is what really matters to your business. YouTube at its core is a marketing tool for your organization, and the point of using it is to increase profits. With increasing number of businesses turning to YouTube for their advertising needs, the amount of engagement of your videos becomes steadily more important. If you purchase comments, you are exposing your brand’s content to a larger audience and participating in a direct conversation with potential consumers. The more consumers you reach, the higher the chances are that they will become a paying customer.

Why choose us?

The biggest thing that sets us apart from the rest is the fact that we only market to real people that want to interact with other people. This means that we do not use empty accounts of any kind. These comments  cannot be produced by bots because of two reasons. First, it is incredibly hard to program a computer to drop relevant comments on each video. That would require a very advanced AI and it would be a such a waste to use it for that purpose. Secondly, YouTube can detect bot accounts and hence does not allow bot accounts to post comments on any video. Many of the websites that offer comments use empty accounts to spam comments that do not help your channel in any way. With us, you don’t have to worry about that because we promise to deliver real comments that will be beneficial to your channel.

Other advantages include

Privacy and Discretion Assured – Your personal data is handled securely and your account information will always be safe, it will not be shared with anyone.

100% Risk-Free Guaranteed – You don’t have to worry about any risks or problems. At SkillPatron, we make sure that you are getting the right results and the best experience no matter the situation. We use smart technologies to ensure everything is provided in a satisfactory manner.

24/7 Support – Our customer support team works around the clock, so if you have any issues all you have to do is to get in contact with us.

Service Guarantee – We offer a service guarantee of 2 weeks, you can contact us at any given time within that time period to ensure that you get the right assistance.

Amazing Results – All Comments will be Niche Related. For example, if your video on fashion definitely you’ll get fashion-related Comments. We are able to target them through aggressive marketing and spread information about your videos through our own social media channels. This allows to get an idea of the group that we want to reach and hence adjust our marketing strategies accordingly. With this technique, we are able to provide you with comments that draw attention to your channel, that give you feedback that you can use and that can actually benefit your channel.

Convenient Order System – It takes less than a minute for an order to be made, so the process is very simple and fast.

Budget friendly – Our prices are the most competitive of the market and we ensure you a serious and professional work, absolutely adapted to fulfill every client’s needs.

Our services are improved all the time and you can be rest assured that our team will always be there to assist you whenever you need it the most.

Is buying YouTube Comments safe?

You may already know this but nowadays it is foolish not to market your YouTube videos. Even the biggest content creators on YouTube buy such services so that they can get a steady stream of viewers. In fact, If you don’t use these services then you’re considered naive in the YouTube world. This means that the usage of these services is according to the terms and conditions of YouTube and therefore will keep your account safe from any harm.

That risk is irrelevant anyways because we don’t require any personal information from you. All what we need is the link to your video. We do not require your password or any other sensitive information. Our payment options are safe as well so that you don’t have to worry about false billing or your financial information being stolen.

How long does it usually take?

Once payment has been confirmed, we start working on your order. It normally takes about 15 hours to deliver all the services that you pay for but it can take longer if we have multiple large orders pending. If that is the case then you can expect results within 1-3 business days. If you do not get results within that time then please don’t hesitate contact us so that we can make things right.

In today’s digital age, there are limitless choices available to the customer. The major reason your business is present on YouTube is to get across to those consumers and attempt to convince them that your products and services are better than the rest. Buying YouTube comments serves a form of social proof to your brand. It helps improves legitimacy, saves you time and energy as well as creates interest in your videos, and ultimately increases profits for your business.

Want to reach potential customers, develop your business’s presence, and grow your bottom line? Buy YouTube comments from SkillPatron and begin your journey to YouTube fame today.


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Buy YouTube Comments (Random & Relevant)
Buy YouTube Comments (Random & Relevant)
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