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It’s very important that an artist’s jobs is to be a great artist.

Record labels are obsolete. Our music promotion services on social media are for professional artists, labels, brands and managers who are building their businesses independently, have a strong vision and are experienced at releasing music. 

We Are Able To Help Artists Grow – No Matter What Stage Of Their Career They Are On.

We enable artists to maximize their creative and economic potential by giving them all the tools and support they need to directly connect with their fans.

You can now patronize SkillPatron for Music Plays, Playlists PR, Followers, Playlist Followers, Saves, Podcast Plays & Monthly Listeners on each of the following music streaming platforms: Spotify, Soundcloud, Official Global Chart Registration, Music Radio promotion, MixCloud Plays, Shazam Plays, AudioMack Plays, Spreaker Plays, Deezer Plays, Tidal Plays,, Apple Music Plays, Google Musoc Plays, Napster Plays, BeatPort plays & Amazon Music plays.

  • Fast, direct responses from your dedicated SkillPatron Direct Account Manager. No more funneling through several parties before your needs are met.
  • Check in daily to see how your streaming and social media numbers are growing, and learn.

Watch Your Numbers Grow

We have one core belief: independence is essential not just for artists, but for the world at large. We understand that more independence means that artists will earn a fair share of the value that they create, that our culture will benefit from more voices and visions and that there will be a deeper incentive for our most creative minds to push culture forward.

Record labels are obsolete. They haven’t kept up as music evolved from selling CDs to streaming songs to promoting concert tickets and merchandise. Labels were meant to help artists generate albums, fame, and money. But now anyone can record themselves and no one “buys” music. So today that requires being a technology company, combining analytics with hyper-targeted advertising. And the old labels don’t have the engineering talent for it.

In the meantime, the music business was changing. The internet decimated the old business model as music moved from CDs to streaming.


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Music Promotion PR Service
Music Promotion PR Service


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